Purchase a 10 punch pass and get 2 extra punches free!  Offer expires 1/2/18.

Additional Information:

  • Applies to all punch pass types (adult or child, with gear or without, climbing or yoga).
  • People can add more punches to their existing punch cards too in increments of 12 for the price of 10.

Become a member or stay a member and we’ll lock in your membership rates for as long as you remain a member!  Offer valid now through 1/15/18.

As inSPIRE Rock grows to multiple locations, our costs will rise, but that turns right back around to additional benefits for members, such as having your membership work at all of our future gym locations.  As a result of increasing costs, we’ll be raising our rates in the new year.

As a gift to our members, we’re offering to lock in your membership rate for life.  If you’re on the fence about becoming a member, now’s the time to join!

If you’re already a current member at inSPIRE Rock, you don’t have to do anything to lock-in your rates. Your current membership rates will stay the same as long as you stay an active or frozen member.  If you cancel your membership and then come back at a later date, you will have to rejoin at the new rates, whatever they may be.  If you want to make a change in your membership (like add additional people), we encourage you to do so before the end of the year to ensure that rate is locked in.


  • Maintain an active membership = Locked
    If your membership comes up for renewal, you renew at today’s rate.
  • Freeze your membership = Locked
    If you freeze your membership at any time, you’ll maintain your locked in rate when you unfreeze.
  • Cancel/Don’t Renew = Unlocked
    Cancel your membership or don’t renew. When rejoining current membership rates will apply.

When your 10 Punch Pass is up, sign up for our monthly membership within 30 days of your last punch and we’ll halve the enrollment fee to $25! Monthly memberships have no contract, no commitment.

Members can bring in a first-time guest FREE on the first Monday of the month. Excludes gear rental.

Discounts for people currently serving in the military or first responders (firemen, police, EMTs). Must present proof (military ID or First Responder credentials).

  • Day Passes: $2 off! ($14.95)
  • Memberships: 50% OFF enrollment fee ($29.50)