The Longest Day Climb-a-thon Recap

We want to say thank you for all of your hard work for the Longest Day Climb-a-thon!  Here are the results:

  • Total distance climbed: 28,387 ft – Just 17 climbs shy of Mt. Everest!
  • Total funds raised: $4,530 – over $1000 over our goal!
  • Team winners for most raised AND most climbed: Vince Falbo’s team in honor of Pat Falbo!  They climbed a total of 14,279 feet and raised $1,290!
  • Individual winner (not climbing on a team): Jenna St. Germain climbed 984 feet!
  • Special honorary mention: Cory Moore climbed 152 routes, well over a mile at 5,776 feet!

From Instagram

“We are all wonderful, beautiful people but I cannot help to feel that our friend, Pat Falbo, is just a little extra wonderful and a little extra beautiful. Yesterday was the longest day of the year, and as a climbing family, we took on the task of climbing in honor of Pat and for all those who live with Alzheimer’s disease during The Longest Day climb-a-thon @inspirerocktx ! I am so proud of how well everyone did, but the best part was to see how happy Pat was to be there as our cheerleader and rock as we pushed climb after climb. I love this wonderful, beautiful person so much, and I hope my climbs offered a small glimpse into how much I love and respect Pat and her husband, Vince. The family that climbs together, stays together ”  – @janelleadventures

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