Membership MAYhem Gear Spotlight

Membership MAYhem Gear Spotlight

by Lucas McDevitt

MAYbe it’s time for you to get a membership and get all geared out for your climbing. But then you MAY ask, “What gear do I need?” Well it MAY be a wise choice to consider the Petzl Kit Corax.

The kit offers everything a new climbing member could ask for except shoes, stocked with an easily adjustable harness offered in 2 sizes (XS-M and M-XL) every climber can rest easy knowing they will find a harness that will hold up to their everchanging needs. Also packed with a starting chalkbag and chalk-sock every climber will be ready to face whichever wall stands in front of them.

Finally, the kit comes with Petzl’s intro belay setup, a Verso device and generously large AM’D carabiner that will have the climber all geared out and ready to take their top-rope class and let our staff show them the ropes! Boasting a $125 value but retailing for just under $100, every member will know they are getting a great deal; plus, all members can take 10% every purchase in our pro shop as well as new members can get 15% off their first purchase which makes this kit a deal that MAY keep you coming back!

Find the right gear for your climbing membership at our gear shop today!

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