New Climber Gear Guide

New Climber Gear Guide

by Lucas McDevitt

As we move into the New Year, new climbers and gear are always on the horizon. For the new climbers this year, “What gear do I need?” With our fully stocked pro shops and knowledgeable staff, you can always be assured they will do everything possible to get you in the right gear. But if you want some foresight on what might be needed, look no further!

The Petzl Kit Corax includes everything a new climber might need to get started. Packaged with the fully adjustable Corax harness available in sizes 1 (XS-M) and 2 (M-XL), a Petzl chalk bag and chalk sock to keep your hands dry and keep that grip up to speed, and a standard Verso Belay setup, even the newest climbers will be set and ready when it comes time to take their belay class and take climbing by the ropes!

The Scarpa Force V bridges the gap between performance and comfort. Bringing high-performance features to a flat, less aggressive last, the Force V features a soft, compact construction that perfectly balances all-day comfort and performance. Allowing the new climbers the comfort and rigidity of a moderate entry-level shoe with the performance of a mid-level shoe, every climber should rest assured that this shoe will be a comfortable fit for all day at the gym!

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