Outdoor Escapade Gear Package

Outdoor Escapade Gear Package

by Lucas McDevitt

It’s now July, and the outdoors is hot! But, for those of you willing to make the trek outside to climb, look no further than the Trango Sport Climbing Package!

This package contains:

  • 10 lightweight Phase Quickdraws
  • 4 React locking carabiners
  • 2 60cm dyneema slings

…Enough for all your outdoor escapades! 

Whether you are Sport climbing, setting up top ropes, or building anchors, this pack has it all! With 10 quickdraws, you can ensure that between you and your climbing partner you almost certainly have enough quickdraws for any project you plan on conquering! Pick yours up today for $185.95 in our pro shops!

Find the right gear for your outdoor climbing trip at our gear shop today!

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