Send off Summer with Squids and Sticks

by Lucas McDevitt

As we come to an end of summer and temperatures start to cool off (just a bit!) the outdoors becomes a bit more enticing. People start looking into quickdraws, ropes, bags, and everything else that is required for the outdoor climbing scene. But the bigger question is, “how do I get my quickdraws on the wall for my project route?” Whether you are new to outdoor climbing or a seasoned veteran looking to get on a difficult climb, stick clips become your best friend. Being able to have the peace of mind that you won’t deck before you clip your first clip gives a climber all the confidence to be able to send those hard routes. Stocked in our pro shops are two options for climbers as stick clips.

The Trango Squid

The Trango Squid allows the climber the ability to clip quickdraws into the bolt, clip rope into a hanging quickdraw, and remove quickdraws from bolts, all from the safety of the ground! The Trango Squid is ultra-versatile, attaching to any standard painter’s pole allowing the climber the ability to adjust the length with a simple attachment.

The Trango Beta Stick Evo

The Trango Beta Stick Evo comes in two collapsible sizes, standard (12ft) and Compact (8ft) allowing the climber to store the Beta Stick in either a carry-on or full size luggage for those flight-taking climbing trips. The Beta Stick offers a similar range of abilities to the Squid, allowing the climber to clip quickdraws into bolts, or ropes into quickdraws, but lacking the ability to remove quickdraws from the wall, the other advantage of the Beta Stick is the attached carabiner hole, allowing the climber to bring the Beta Stick up the routes with them on those longer multipitch climbs and help protect the first bolt of the later pitches.

No matter which option you choose, know that you are in good hands with a stick clip and feeling comfortable taking your climbing to the next level!

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