Too Soon for June

Too Soon for June!

by Lucas McDevitt

It’s already June and we are halfway through this calendar year and some of us may not have met our climbing goals for the year. For some of us the reason keeping us from our goals is injuries, for others it’s our busy schedules, and for others its ignorance in how to train.

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No matter what the reason, The Rock Climber’s Training Manual is a great tool for new and experienced climbers alike. The book features sections specifically for Goal Setting and Planning as well as Physical Training plans specifically focused on areas such as power, endurance, strength, or weight management. The book also includes insight for resting, injury prevention and rehabilitation to help injured climbers get back into climbing shape and keep them that way!

Accompanied by a 3-season training log, every climber can track their progress and ensure that they are staying on course to meet their goals! No matter how serious or recreational of a climber you are, this training guide has something for everyone!

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