It’s that time of year: time to plan a birthday party. Whether your child is turning 5 or 12, you are frantically searching the internet for birthday party ideas to please your child and accommodate all of their friends/friends’ parents. Maybe last year was an ice skating party, or you hosted it at home and are still traumatized by the tornado of birthday chaos that transcended your house. If these descriptions strike a chord, we suggest you plan a rock-climbing birthday party! We guarantee it’ll check off all the boxes for an epic birthday while leaving you with your sanity at the end of the day. 

Most indoor climbing gyms offer birthday party services/packages. Sometimes there are a few options including things like instructed climbing, a party room for guided climbing, or a fully decorated party room with staff to serve pizza and cake. 

What to expect if you are planning a rock climbing birthday party

Climbing communities are known for being welcoming, so they’ll likely be happy to accommodate any requests they can. The process will be straightforward for you – invite friends, pay for the pizza, cake, and decorations, pay for the gym, and you will be all set. The rock gym will have a procedure to guide you along each step and ensure everything is taken care of come birthday party day. 

Additionally, your child will have an absolute blast on their special day, which will tire them out for you! The instructor(s) will likely combine climbing with some fun rock climbing games for kids. Don’t worry if your child or an invited child ends up not climbing that much or gets scared the first time. Climbing is always a challenge by choice, and staff will give each child a chance but will only push them outside their comfort zone if they want the challenge. 

Another often overlooked benefit of a climbing birthday party is the potential to find the perfect afterschool, weekend, or summer activity for your child! If they’ve never climbed before or have but not under organized instruction, then this birthday party is guaranteed to get them hooked. When you pair the energetic staff, a room full of friends, and some sweet treats, there will be many positive memories for them to associate with the rock gym. And most rock climbing gyms offer kids classes or summer camps led by staff with the same enthusiasm allowing your child to have both a fun AND athletic experience! 

If we still need to convince you to book that birthday party, let others speak for us! With the increasing climbing gym popularity, someone you know or in your community has likely had a rock climbing birthday party for their child. If we have convinced you, call your local rock climbing gym asap, as bookings can fill up quickly, especially at more popular indoor rock climbing facilities. This birthday party might be the easiest thing to plan and such a great birthday experience that you’ll be returning for your next child’s birthday!

So, take this as your sign to call the rock gym and get an epic birthday bash on the books. Let us know in the comments below if your child has had a climbing birthday party before and, if so, how it went!