Quaran-Team Training Week 1


Perform 1-2 rounds or more . You should feel warm and/or break a light sweat from this.

***Remember, that the purpose of the warm-up is to get the heart rate up, increase circulation, wake up the joints, and get blood flowing to the muscles.***

  • 10 – Arm Swings (gradually exaggerate these)
  • 10 – Arm Swings (backward, think windmills)
  • 10 – Arm Swings (forward)
  • 10 – Jumping Jacks
  • 10 – Squats
  • 10 – Pushups
  • 10 – Dragonfly’s (from a high plank: right foot comes to where your right hand is, right-hand goes up, look up at the sky and switch sides)
  • 10 – T-Stabilizer’s (make a T with your body)
  • 10 – High Kicks (leg straight, 10 on each leg)
  • 10 – Wall Swings (leg at least waist-high, 10 on each leg)
  • 10 – Knee Tucks with an External Rotation
  • 10 – Side to Side Lunges
  • 10 – Finger Flicks
  • 10 – Air Grabs
  • 10 – Tendon Glides (half)
  • 10 – Tendon Glides (full)
  • 10 – Tendon Glides (suitcases)

If you have a Resistance Band, then perform 10 reps of each of the following exercises:

  1. Shoulder Dislocates
  2. Band Pull Aparts
  3. Archer’s
  4. Internal Rotation
  5. External Rotation
  6. Low Lat Pull
  7. Field Goal Posts

For those that would like a demonstration of a Dynamic Climbing Warm-Up. Here’s a video from The Climbing Doctor.

ABS (Another 7 minutes in Heaven)

Now that we are warmed up, it’s time get our core muscles activated. I prefer to do these at the beginning of the workout versus the end because you will have better form and technique since you’re still fresh.

Here’s another follow-along video for you. This video should start at 2:27 when you click play, if not, skip to that time point for the workout to start. If you would like to hear the explanation.

ABS (8 minute 8 pack)

For my youth B’s and up, if you have some dumbbells and are up for a challenge, below is a brutal 8 minute follow-along. Adding weight is one of the best options for developing the strength of your core and the look of your abs. Remember, our muscles will adapt over time to the stresses we place on them, thus they will grow to be stronger and more resilient.

Now that you finished abs, find our way into that Cobra Stretch for a bit (I know it feels good!), look over each shoulder and hold on each side for no more than 10-20 seconds.

The Workout

Below, you will find workouts based on your category.

Youth C and Below:

Here you will have 6 exercises (or stations if you prefer to set them up that way). I recommend doing 3-5 workouts per week and 3-4 sets per exercise. As for reps, my general rule is 8-12 “Quality Reps” (what that means is I care more about your form and technique than how many reps you can do).

  1. Jump Rope (Modifiers: Jumping in Place, High Knees, Butt Kicks)
  2. Pushups (Modifiers: Decline (feet elevated), Explosive (hands come off the floor), Diamond (hands close together))
  3. Lunges (You may add a little weight if you would like to increase the difficulty)
  4. Pullups (Modifiers: Resistance Band Lat Pull-downs or Rows)
  5. 1 Leg Hip Bridge (Lay on your back, and lift one leg up so that your thighs remain parallel. Squeeze your glutes, and drive through the heel of your own leg. You should feel this in the working glute/hamstring, NOT the low back.)
  6. Bird Dog (From a Push-Up Position lift up one arm and the opposite leg hold for 2-3 seconds then switch. Don’t let the shoulders or hips rotate, and keep a nice flat back and neutral spine.)
  7. Pistol Squat (Modifiers: Bench/Chair (Easier), Shrimp Squat (Bend your knee and hold your foot behind you)

*If you would like to do this workout as stations, click on the button below to access the timer.

Youth B and Up:

I recommend doing 3-5 workouts per week and 3-4 sets per exercise. High reps are effective for building and maintaining muscle IF you go close to failure. I recommend stopping 1-3 reps shy on most sets and optionally taking the last set to failure with good form. What this means is, that you do not have a set number for reps as it will vary for each of you based on your levels, but if you need a rep range, you can follow the one I have for the youth c’s and below up above.

  1. Weighted Pullups or Explosive Pull-ups (On a pullup bar or rings, and with as little kipping as possible, explosively pullup so that your sternum comes close to the bar or to hand level on the rings. Lower slowly and repeat. Initiate the movement with your back and arms rather than by swinging and kipping. It may help to think about pulling your elbows back at the top of the movement.
  2. Pushups or Ballistic Pushups or Triceps Triforce (8 reps bench elevated skull crushers(goal is to get elbows below wrist), 8 reps standard bodyweight, 8 reps pause close-grip pushups)
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat
  4. Nordic Hamstring Curl or Bridges (Hamstring focused- place your feet on a chair or couch, drive your heels into the chair and squeeze your glutes. You should feel the majority of the contraction (aka the burn in your hamstrings (hold for 5-15s) or Another alternative to this would be with the floor sliders (you can use some towels for hard floors or plates if you’re on carpet) With heels firmly planted slide all the way out until your butt almost touches the floor, hold for a sec, and then come back up)


I’m adding this in here for those older kids that would like to kick up the intensity. I have a lower body focus one and an upper body focused one. Click on the button below to access the timer.

  • 20 Minutes on the Clock
  • Perform 10 KB Squats
  • Perform 10 KB Swings


This week, you won’t see any change from last week. We will continue this for another week to see how everyone feels before we change things up. Remember, when it comes to hanging, listen to your body as you progress through the workouts. If you can’t finish a set, end the workout. Going too long, too heavy, or too fast, is a recipe for injury.

This section of the workout is only for the older more experienced team members (or if one of us coaches gave you permission to do this).

Below, you will find 2 buttons, each leading to videos I posted in week 1 (I hope you watched them).

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. To avoid injury, use an open-hand grip – (Yes, I know this is controversial topic)
  2. Elbows slightly bent
  3. Shoulder blades back and down (engaged)
  4. Keep your core tight
  5. Look straight ahead not up at your hands.
  6. Start with larger holds and slowly progress your way down.
Illustration by Jamie Givens
Illustration by Jamie Givens

Be sure err on the side of caution with this portion of the workout since the coaches are not there monitoring you while you do this.

I borrowed this from Power Company Climbing and it’s available on for Free on their Quaran-Training Program at this link.

Max Strength Hangs:

You’ll be doing 7 second hangs followed by 53 seconds rest on 18-20mm edges.

If you can’t hang on the 20mm edge comfortably for 15 seconds at bodyweight, then go ahead and move to a larger edge.

Click the button below to access the timer to help keep the session on track.

You can increase the difficulty of this workout by adding weight or adding more rounds (up to 12) for each set.

Perform 6 sets (7 on/53 off)

Rest 5 minutes

Perform another 6 sets (7 on/53 off)

Keep track of your sets and be sure to pause the timer after you have completed the first 6 hangs then rest for 5 minutes and complete the last 6 hangs.


Below you will find some stretches to do now that you have finished the workout. You will hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Really focus on your breathing with these and as you exhale, relaxing more and trying to get deeper into the stretch.

  1. Deep Squat-> Sit back into a Straddle pose-> Reach and hold to the center, left, and right sides each.
  2. Butterfly – try to fold over and bring your head to your toes
  3. Runner’s Lunge or Lizard Pose
  4. Pigeon Pose
  5. Bridge (backbend) or Wheel Pose
  6. Frog Pose
  7. Reach behind the back and try to shake your hands (sorry I forgot the name) repeat on the other side.

Again, if you have the time and would like a follow-along, below I have a 12 minute hip mobility routine, as well as a 20 minute full body flexibility routine for you.

If you want to do last week’s routine again, click the button below.

Credits: (Coach) Eddy Numa