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Fall 2020 Season
Registration Now Open

inSPIRE Rock is excited to announce the inSPIRE Spring Adult Bouldering League. The inaugural season for inSPIRE Spring will take place at the Spring Gym, and is open to all climbers, from all gyms. Ages 16+ only.

We’ve developed this league as a friendly, casual bouldering league focused on participation, improvement, and camaraderie with an element of competition. In short, it’s going to be a lot of fun.



Practice: 9/15-9/18
Week 1: 9/22-9/25
Week 2: 9/29-10/2
Week 3: 10/6-10/9
Week 4: 10/13-10/16


Team members can only claim points by climbing during designated League Nights. Climbers can only climb for points during one of the two league nights per week at each gym.

Spring – Tuesday and Friday Nights: 6pm-8:30pm



Registration is done at the front desk or online by the Team Captain. Registration is first come, first serve and will close when 12 teams have been registered. Registration fees must pay up front prior to the seasons practice week. Those who do not have a team but wish to participate can join the flying solo waitlist.

Cost: $30/person (Includes end of season brews and a league t-shirt)

Phone numbers will need to be provided for all team members upon registration.


Assigned individually based on performance during the league practice week. Each team member will be placed into a category based on the Division – Point Breakdown Table below.

Climbers assess their climbing level by choosing the division that has the orange highlighted V-grade that corresponds to the hardest V-grade they climb regularly in a single session.

Remember that the League Commissioner reserves the right to change your division at any time.
Please don’t sandbag.


  1. Scores are determined by the 3 hardest problems you complete each week.
  2. Points are awarded based on our division-handicap system.
  3. No points are awarded for climbing problems below your division bracket.
  4. 30 points are awarded per problem for climbing problems above your division bracket (limited to two outlier problems per season per team member).
  5. Each attempt after the flash go results in a .1-point deduction to the score of that problem.
  6. A problem can only be counted once per person each week.
  7. Team scores are determined by the cumulative team member’s scores per week.
  8. Weekly scores will be updated on the official League Leaderboard. Your top 10 scores will be your season total.
  9. Team scores for the season are the combined season totals for each team member.
  10. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.

Normal Bouldering Competition Rules Apply:

  1. Points are earned by completing a problem from start to finish (match and control final hold).
  2. No “flying starts.” You must control the start hold before moving to the next hold.
  3. If you use a hold or feature that is “off-route,” no points will be earned.
  4. T-nuts in the wall and in volumes are off.
  5. In order to count, your attempts and sends must be witnessed by another competitor and be completed during League Night.
  6. Be respectful of your fellow competitors and cheer each other on.


On League Nights, competitors will meet in the appropriate bouldering area. Each league problem will be designated with a “League” tag letting you know it’s a part of the circuit. Teams then use the table below to collect points.

Climbing any problem below your division earns you zero points. To encourage you to try hard, you are allowed to climb problems above your division to earn a possible 30 points. You will be limited to two outlier problems per season.

During your league sessions, you will be recording attempts for each problem you try. The number of attempts will affect your total score. For each attempt after your first, you deduct .1 points from the total value of the boulder if you send.

Example: Let’s say you have been placed in D6. You arrive on league night and get on a V5. You flash the boulder. You will get 10 points. Then, you try the V6. You get it on your 2nd attempt. You get 14.9 points. After that, you go for the V7. You get it on your 8th attempt. You get 19.3 points for that boulder.



Teams must be coed and consist of 3-5 boulderers of varying skill levels. A maximum of 12 teams will be accepted to league per season at each location. All team sign-ups are first come, first serve, so act fast!


The front desk will be taking names and information for members of the community that are interested in joining but may be without a team. inSPIRE will use this list as a potential wait list to create new teams or for existing teams to recruit from. Complete the form below, or send an email to the League Commissioner: [email protected].

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Get Your Team Together & Register

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