The Longest Day Climb-a-thon

Join our team for The Longest Day, a day that’s all about love for all those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. On June 21, we’ll do what we love (rock climb!) to raise funds and awareness for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Why a Climb-a-thon?

Everyone has been affected by this heartbreaking disease, whether it’s people in your community and especially when it hits close to home in your own families.  Here at inSPIRE Rock, we wanted to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and support one of our beloved members, Pat Falbo.

Pat’s inSPIRING Story

Patricia “Pat” Falbo was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease in August 2012.  The symptoms of the disease were observed a bit earlier when it became obvious that her short term memory seemed a bit foggy.  She was a Professor of Mathematics at the Tomball Campus of Lone Star College System for ten years.  Her students and fellow faculty members noticed that she was struggling with her teaching responsibilities and general ability in the classroom.  It became obvious that she could no longer perform her responsibilities as a professor so she had to resign her position.

Throughout all of the difficulties associated with the fact that she could no longer perform her teaching responsibilities Pat has maintained a very positive and joyous outlook on life.  She is blessed with having four children and two step children that provide continuing support her with disease.  Additionally Pat has fourteen grandchildren that provide her with an enormous amount of joy and support.

Pat and her husband Vince became members of inSPIRE Rock Gym two years ago.  During the first year and a half they participated in the 6 AM yoga sessions instructed by Jennifer Foudy.  After a while it became obvious that Pat was struggling with performing the exercises so they had to give up the yoga sessions much to her disappointment.  Vince continues to maintain his membership as an erstwhile indoor rock climber.

Membership at inSPIRE Rock Gym continues to be a source of happiness for both Pat and her husband.  The staff and members are a constant source of joy for Pat.  She considers many of them as extended family and always looks forward to being at the gym several times per week.

Your participation in the Longest Day Climbing Challenge will go a long way in helping to find a cure for the debilitating disease and hopefully you and your family will not have to deal with the hardships that the disease imposes.

How can I help?

Make a Donation Online

Here at inSPIRE Rock, we’ve set a goal of raising $3500 for the Alzheimer’s Association.  You can help us meet that goal by making a tax-deductible donation through our team page.

Make a Donation at inSPIRE Rock & 5.ATE Café

Starting June 1st, you will have the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the Alzheimer’s Association and fill out a “The Longest Day Pin Up” to put on our wall when you make a purchase at the Welcome Desk at inSPIRE Rock or at the 5.ATE Café.

Climb in the Climb-a-thon

Register with the inSPIRE Rock team on the Alzheimer’s Association’s website (Step One below) and register for the Climb-a-thon on inSPIRE Rock’s website (Step Two below), occurring on 6/21.  After you register, you’ll raise support through your own page on the Alzheimer’s Association’s website.  You can register for the Climb-a-thon as an individual or as a team.  See inSPIRE Rock sign up form for details. (Step Two below)

How do I register for the Climb-a-thon?

Step One: Join our team with the Alzheimer's Association!
Go to inSPIRE Rock’s Team Page on the Alzheimer’s Association’s website, click Join Our Team, and register with alz.org!
Join Our Team
Step Two: Register for the Climb-A-Thon!
Register to climb as an individual or as a team in the climb-a-thon happening June 21st
Register to Climb

I’ve registered.  Now what?

Raise Support

Use the resources on your personal page on The Alzheimer’s Association’s website to raise support!  They have great resources you can use like emails you can send out!  Remember: to climb as a team, your team as a whole must raise a minimum of $350.  If you’re climbing as an individual, we ask that you raise a minimum of $50.  inSPIRE Rock’s goal as a whole is $3500, so please help us get there!

How will the Climb-a-thon go down?

Date & Time:

Wednesday, June 21st

6 AM – 12 AM*


People can climb as individuals or as teams up to 5 people (whether together or separately) at any time between 6 AM and 12 Midnight.  Routes throughout the gym will be labeled (both roped routes and bouldering problems) and there will be a scorecard to keep track.  After it’s finished, the next day, we will tally the score cards and award prizes to the team with longest distance climbed and the team with the most amount of money raised.

* The gym will be open for climbing from 6 AM – 12 Midnight, but you can come climb any time during that time for as long as you want.  No RSVP necessary.