Youth Climbing Team FAQs

Youth Climbing Team FAQs

What are the main differences between the recreational and competitive youth programs?

Recreational programs are focused on the fundamentals, fitness, and fun of indoor rock climbing. Enrollment is open to all – no prior experience is required (exception = Orange Squeeze II). Being in a recreational climbing program at inSPIRE Rock neither makes your youth a member of inSPIRE Rock gym, nor allows them the benefits of inSPIRE Rock gym members (such as unlimited climbing). Gym membership is an additional cost.

For more detailed information at the Spring location, click here:

For more detailed information at the Cypress location, click here:

Competitive teams are focused on advanced climbing technique and fitness, and participation in USA Climbing rock climbing competitions. A coach’s invite is required in order to join a competitive team. Gym membership and a USA Climbing membership are required. Our competitive teams participate in the three USA Climbing formats (speed climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering) with youth their own age.

For more detailed information at the Spring location, click here:

For more detailed information at the Cypress location, click here:

What equipment will my child need?

Participants in all youth programs (recreational and competitive) need to either rent or provide their own climbing gear. Basic climbing gear includes:

  • Harness
  • Climbing shoes
  • Chalk

If you wish to rent gear, we offer a monthly rental package deal that includes the harness and climbing shoes. If you wish to purchase gear, our coaches or pro shop staff will be happy to help you select the equipment best suited for your climber’s level and needs.

Competitive teams: Team apparel must be purchased for competitions. Other equipment may be needed. For example, an assisted braking device (such as a Petzel GRIGRI) is required once your youth begins top rope belaying.

What else should my child bring to practice?

    • Comfortable clothing suitable for climbing
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Closed-toe shoes

    Please note:  inSPIRE Rock and its staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


What is the practice schedule?

See the website information for practice days and times.

For recreational teams at Spring:

For competitive teams at Spring:

For recreational teams at Cypress:

For competitive teams at Cypress:

We follow local school district calendars. There are no practices on the following major holidays for the 2023-2024 school calendar year:

– Labor Day 9/4/2023

– Thanksgiving Week 11/20-24/2023

– Winter Break

SPRING gym 12/18/2023 – 01/01/2024

CYPRESS gym 12/25/2023 – 01/05/2024

– Spring Break 3/11-15/2024

– Memorial Day 5/27/2024

Recreational programs at the Spring location end just prior to Memorial Day in May. Recreational programs at the Cypress location are year-round.

Competitive teams are year-round and have additional practices, events, and competitions. Coaches will provide that information.

What if my youth is going to miss a practice?

We staff, plan, and prepare for youth programs in advance, so please contact us if your youth will not be attending. There are no refunds or make up practices given for absences, “no shows,” or disenrollment from a program.

Are parents/guardians able to watch practice?

Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend practices as observers only. Please refrain from interacting with your youth or their coaches during practice time. To be in the gym, even as an observer, you must fill out a waiver:

What is your behavior policy?

We desire our youth programs to be a safe and positive experience for everyone. Our behavior management approach is proactive – we will do our best to create a positive, engaging atmosphere for the youth. If a youth is misbehaving, we will redirect the youth to an appropriate activity. If inappropriate behavior continues and/or becomes a safety issue for your child or other children, we will call you to come retrieve your youth. For the safety and well-being of all children at the program, inappropriate behavior (such as aggressive behavior, inappropriate language, harm to self, harm to others or property, etc.) may result in a permanent disenrollment from the program. No refunds will be given for disenrollment from a program.

What is your health and wellness policy?

We take the safety and health of our climbers and staff very seriously. The following information is subject to change, in accordance with new developments. Your youth is welcome to attend practice if ALL of the following apply:

  • Has not had a fever of 100 degrees or more for 48 hours (2 days)
  • Has not taken any fever-reducing medicine for 48 hours
  • Has not thrown up in the past 48 hours
  • Has not had diarrhea in the past 48 hours
  • Has not been in recent contact with someone who has an infectious disease
  • Does not show signs of any type of infectious disease
  • Does not have an untreated transmittable condition, such as head lice

Please do your part. Each day of practice, screen your child for illness. Keep sick youth home. We reserve the right to turn away/send home any youth who is showing obvious signs of illness and/or who refuses to comply with our health and safety requirements. Be aware of any current, gym-wide policies in place by visiting our website or speaking with a coach.

How does billing work?

Payment for program/team dues can only be set up as a monthly electronic funds transfer. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Program/team dues are automatically charged the 1st of every month. Monthly dues remain the same amount month to month, as their cumulative total is based on the number of practices over the course of the team year.

If your account becomes past-due, your youth will be unable to climb at any inSPIRE Rock location until all past-due accounts are settled.

Recreational programs at the Spring location stop at the end of the week just prior to Memorial Day in May. May will be the last month billing is run for those team dues. You will not be billed team dues for June onwards (membership dues still apply unless you submit a change request). If you wish to enroll in a youth recreational program again the following school year, you must sign up again in August.

Recreational programs at the Cypress location are year-round.

Competitive teams at both locations are year-round. Additional special practices, events, clinics, and competitions may occur. The costs for these are separate from, and in addition to, the team and membership dues. Coaches will provide that information.

How do I make changes to our billing account?

To update your payment method, pause (freeze) your program/team dues, or leave (terminate) the climbing program/team, follow the instructions on the Membership Change Request Form on our website ( Select “Other request” and use the “Comments” box to tell us your youth is part of a youth program or team, and to specify the changes you would like to make.

The Membership Change Request Form must be filled out by the 20th of the month for it to take effect the following month. Example: If you submit on January 20th, your change will start February 1st. If you submit on January 21st, your change will start March 1st.

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