Black Diamond ATC Pilot

Black Diamond ATC Pilot

When it comes to rope climbing, you want to make sure you trust your belayer, and you want to trust the gear they are using. Black Diamond will help you trust the system with the new ATC Pilot. Featuring a slotted body, this device helps to capture and hold the rope by allowing the carabiner to shift up the device to pinch the rope more firmly. This allows more friction to be transferred away from the belayer and onto the device. This means the belayer still needs to keep a hand on the brake strand, as with all devices. However, it allows for more security by providing a built-in backup for the belayer.

While the device is helpful for the belaying mechanics, the lowering and feeding of slack are changed quite a bit from a normal ATC device. To lower the climber, the belayer must pull up on the thumb catch to release the device and allow the rope to feed through the system. Similarly, lead belaying requires the belayer to be in tune with the device and pair the natural feeding technique with the thumb-catch on the device to feed slack for their climber in a sport climbing scenario.

No matter which type of rope climbing you choose to embark on, make sure not to forget your Black Diamond ATC Pilot! $44.95 for the device or $64.95 to include a Gridlock Carabiner!

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