We know rock climbing requires a lot of gear! A harness, shoes (sometimes more than one pair!), chalk bag, rope, quickdraws, cams, and snacks take up a lot of space! Check out our top 6 favorite rock climbing bags for every scenario. Whether you’re spending a day at the gym, hanging out at the crag, big-wall adventuring, or climbing in the alpine, there’s a bag for you.

Top 6 Rock Climbing Bags We Love

climber facing the mountains
  1. Best All Around Pack – Osprey Mutant 38 ($200)

Osprey’s alpine-specific Mutant pack is remarkably impressive. It seamlessly blends top-tier comfort with various technical features and a customizable design. Designed to excel year-round, this versatile pack effortlessly handles tasks ranging from ice climbing and mountaineering to cragging and multi-pitch climbs.

Its recent update boasts enhanced durability and eco-friendly materials, making it an even more appealing choice. This bag offers a user-friendly experience surpassing many sleek alpine packs; the Mutant is undoubtedly worth examining as a go-to option for all your adventures.

  1. Best Cragging Bag – Black Diamond Creek 50 ($220)

If you’re like most climbers, you may spend more time at the crag than embarking on multi-pitch adventures or trekking into the mountains. While any regular pack might suffice for short hikes with a sport or trad setup, the Black Diamond Creek 50 is our preferred choice.

It has a flat base for easy upright loading and unloading, convenient pockets, and complete side-zip access to the main compartment. Compared to other models, it is constructed with the most durable fabric, making it the perfect companion for consistent use at the crag.

  1. Best for Trad & Multipitch – Black Diamond Blitz 20 ($90)

This backpack has a minimalist design and utilizes lightweight materials for a low weight. Despite its unassuming look, the Black Diamond Blitz 20 offers a range of practical features. One notable feature is its quick-and-easy main pack opening, which allows hikers to swiftly access their gear without hassle.

Additionally, the bag includes sturdy external attachment points designed for securing ice axes, providing alpinists with peace of mind during their adventures in icy terrain.

  1. Best Climbing Gym Bag – Osprey Zealot 30 ($130)

This pack’s standout feature is its exceptional organization: With dual compartments, you can neatly separate your chalky (and often stinky) climbing equipment from other essentials, such as your snacks or water bottle. Accessing the climbing-gear pocket is effortless thanks to its extended front zipper, while the roll-top closure opens compartments and flexes to accommodate larger loads when needed. 

This bag presents an efficient and well-thought-out solution for the contemporary climber and is perfect for gym sessions.

  1. Best For Alpine Climbing  Arc’teryx Alpha FL 30 ($260)

Crafted from a remarkably weather-resistant material, the Arc’teryx Alpha FL boasts a sleek, minimalist design that seamlessly complements your movements as you climb snowy rock faces. Its capacity can be expanded to 37 liters for the approach, then effortlessly shrinks to 30 liters for the ascent.

The Arc’teryx Alpha FL is a perfect companion for climbers tackling alpine routes across rock, ice, and snow. This pack is constructed with waterproof laminated Nylon and taped seams and is always ready to confront unforgiving alpine terrain.

  1. Best Overall Haul Bag – Metolius Halk Dome Haul Bag ($280)

The Metolius Half Dome haul bag has exceptional construction and durability in its materials, seams, and buckles. For hauling on slabs, it’s advisable to line the bag with a foam pad. Though no haul bag can guarantee dryness in heavy rain or under mini-waterfalls, its roll-up closure system is among the most waterproof. Nevertheless, this model performs excellently in such conditions.

The additional skirt feature even transforms it into a reliable improvised bivy sack for summit bivouacs, easily attachable to the bag’s bottom. The carry system offers a comfortable experience, and the strategically placed inside pocket adds convenience. It is one of the few bags equipped with practical compression straps across the top, crucial for managing over-stuffed loads.