Hi, inSPIRE Rock friends and family,

Summer is winding down, and the fall season is coming. I like the fall because it symbolizes change, and CHANGE is the buzzword around inSPIRE Rock here lately. Let me see if I can update you guys on what changes are happening and coming soon.

5.ATE Café Expansion5.Ate Cafe flyer
The 5.ATE Café is experiencing change. Lately, there has been lots of press and attention for the outstanding job our chefs have been doing in the café. Our lunch and dinner crowds have become very CROWDED! To help fix the overcrowding, one of our talented, fantastic, incredible members created a masterful design for new seating arrangements. Sometime in the middle of August, you’ll see the finished transformation. In addition to a new seating configuration, we are speaking with our chefs about adding a few “healthier” choices to the menu too. Rumor has it that grilled chicken will be coming soon, so you can be on the lookout for that. You also might have noticed a few new faces over there too. We want to welcome Cooks, Marcus, Trey, Joey, Luke, and Amanda to the team. They and the rest of the staff look forward to making you happy with their “delicious food made with REAL ALTITUDE”!

New Bouldering Matsold bouldering mats to new ones
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed, but our upstairs bouldering mats look terrible… ie. The Pit of Despair! The mats have done their best to hold up the last 2 ½ years to all the use and abuse from you climbers. (For the record, I love that you’re using them so much.) I called our good friends at Flashed and asked them what new products they have for bouldering floors. They have perfected a totally new flooring system that replaces the vinyl with a bonded carpet. They have been tested in other gyms, and the results are “two thumbs up.” Back in late June, Mark Frazier flew in from Canada to take laser measurements of our floors, and they have been working hard to make us these new covers. Install date is set for early September. So please know we are unsatisfied with those ugly, worn-out pads. You guys deserve the best, so you’re getting the best!

New Top Rope & Lead Climbing Flooring: Besides the new boulder mats, I feel we need to ensure the main flooring areas look just as nice. We will soon have new 2” carpet bonded foam to replace the stained and worn floors.

Fivestars Rewards Program
Recently, I started researching ways to reward you guys for your faithful support of inSPIRE Rock and ran across a new program called FiveStars. This program is simple and easy to use and allows you to earn points for purchases made in the café, the R3 Pro Shop, and at the front desk. You must sign up using your phone number and let the staff know you’re a 5-Star member to collect your points. For every dollar you spend, you earn a point*. These points can be redeemed towards discounted and FREE items in the 5.ATE Café, the R3 Pro Shop, or at the front desk.


50 Points

  • 50% off the smoothie
  • Free inSPIRE Rock Sticker

100 Points

  • Free harness rental
  • Free smoothie

200 Points

  • Free “The Works” gear rental (harness, shoes, & chalk)
  • Free burger meal (up to $10 value)

500 Points

  • Free climbing day pass with gear
  • 2 free yoga sessions
  • Free Basic Climbing Movement class
  • Free Large Pizza with 2 drinks

1500 Points

  • $100 shopping spree at R3 Pro Shop
  • Office Pizza Party (8 Large Pizzas)
  • Free 10 Punch Climbing Pass
  • Free 10 Punch Yoga/Fitness Pass

*Some restrictions apply. Rewards are subject to change. See website for details.

I’m grateful for you guys and our community here at inSPIRE Rock. If we are doing things RIGHT and you’re, please tell others by filling out a review on our Facebook, Yelp!, or Google page. If you see areas of improvement we are missing, please tell me, or fill out a comment/suggestion card near the front desk. I, along with the staff here at inSPIRE Rock and the 5.ATE Café wants to be responsive to your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

Thank you, and Climb ON!
Paul Short