As climbing grows in popularity and evolves each year, so do the gear and best practices we climbers use.  Inspire is always working to implement the most up-to-date industry standards to help minimize risk and potential injury. 

Starting July 1st, Inspire Rock will require the use of Assisted Braking Devices (ABDs) for belaying on both top rope and lead.  ABD’s are devices that assist belayers in catching falls, braking, and lowering a climber.  These are not automatic belay devices and we will always require proper belay techniques to be utilized in the gym. 

With this change comes the opportunity to expand your knowledge of gear and belay practices.  Our staff is ready to help and teach anyone not already proficient in ABD use.  Starting today, all our top-rope and lead classes will be taught with ABDs, all our staff will be using ABDs, and even our “old-school owners” will be using ABDs. 

To assist with this change, now through July 5th, members will receive a 20% discount and guests will receive a 10% discount off any ABD in the pro-shop.  We have stocked a wide variety of ABDs in the pro-shop so you can select the option that works best for you.