Hi inSPIRE Rock Friends & Family,

August 25th will be the GRAND OPENING of our new sister gym – inSPIRE Cypress. Bryan and I appreciate your patience over the past many months, as we’ve worked hard to make this dream a reality for all of you. Be sure to check out the scheduled events for this special day. You’ll notice that the culmination of the Grand Opening will be our famous or “infamous” Headlamp Hootenanny. What better way to kick things off at inSPIRE Cypress than with climbing and partying till 1 AM!

New for the fall: We have totally revamped our Youth Climbing Programs along with our Youth Competitive Climbing Program. New coaches, new curriculum and new assessment tools that will provide parents detailed progress information of their little climber. Be on the look out for more information coming soon with dates, times and pricing information.

Check out the information below so you’ll be in the KNOW! As always, thank you for being a valued member of the MOST inSPIRING climbing community in Texas.

Climb ON!