New Bouldering Area Soon!

We are currently working on getting designs and bids to build this new climbing/bouldering area in our garage.  We will remodel the garage’s HVAC system, add insulation and flooring, and purchase new holds and additional fitness equipment to accommodate this new space.

There are two reasons for this upgrade:

  1. With the gym’s growth, we want you, our members, to have a place all your own.  How does slab, more vertical, and 60 degrees of overhang sound?  Let’s face it – there are times when the gym is crowded!  This bouldering area will be “Members & Member Guests ONLY.”
  2. The second reason for this addition is the rapid growth of our youth climbing programs.  I want you to know I’m sensitive to the strain this can be for you when you are looking for walls to climb during our weeknight practices.  Our head coach, Morgan, will be able to use this new space for some of his practices and alleviate some congestion on the walls inside the gym.  We will let you know the team schedule for the garage so you can plan your climbing workouts.