Welcome to 2018

A brand-new year full of new “projects”!  I’m sure you’ve heard climbers discussing their upcoming climbing “projects”.  When you think about it, a “project” is merely a GOAL.  How many of you take time each year to think about the projects and goals you’d like to accomplish?  I’ve read that 3% of the population write down their goals, 13% will have goals in mind, but 84% fail to see the value of setting goals.

I want to encourage you to take some time to reflect on your projects and goals for this upcoming year.  My mom (Ms. Becky) used to challenge me to write my goals down in the following categories:  Financial, Vocational, Educational, Social & Spiritual.  Don’t forget to add Climbing goals to that list as well!

Climb HIGHER and live inSPIRED in 2018!

Paul Short