Scouts (BSA & Girl)

Boy Scouts of America

We are happy to help scouts work towards completion of the Climbing Merit Badge and/or the rappelling portion of the Camping Merit Badge.

The Boy Scouts of America motto is “Be Prepared.” In order to earn a merit badge, you’ll need to take some steps to be prepared! Scouts will need to study and know a lot of material. Certain portions of the badges require adequate space in the gym, so all classes, lessons, and tests need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

Merit Badge Training

Take the class to learn the climbing and rappelling information needed for the merit badges.

Merit Badge Test

Take the test for the Climbing Merit Badge or the Rappelling portion of the Camping Merit Badge.

Private Lesson Option

Instead of a group class, you can opt for a private lesson with a Merit Badge Counselor (2 scouts max).

Girl Scouts

We offer a 2-hour class for the Girl Scout Rock Climbing Badge.

The class covers types of rock climbing, equipment, communication, tips, and safety. After the lesson, the remaining time is spent rock climbing.

To book a Girl Scout Rock Climbing Badge class, please use the Party booking page. (Put your troop’s name and number in the spot for the birthday person’s name.)

Girl Scout/Party BOOKING PAGE

Looking for a Lock-In instead? (no merit badge option)

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